"I have had the great pleasure of working with Rob over the past year and truly believe he is an incredible asset to any organization. Rob is a gifted visionary and adept at reading markets, understanding market opportunities, and translating these insights into actionable business plans. He’s the ultimate team player willing to take on any challenge put in his path by consistently delivering amazing results. Simply put, Rob is a “Rock Star.” - Rich Reynolds

"A hallmark of Rob's leadership is his unique combination of metrics, cross-functional collaboration, process, flexibility and strategy development. He's someone whom you’d want in the boardroom making big time decisions and at the bar enjoying a casual, insightful conversation." - Darryl Cobbin

"When I think of the small pool of marketing superstars in the country, Rob Yoegel is firmly in that group." - Blair Lyon

"Everywhere I speak, I use Rob as an example of someone who truly 'gets' content marketing. Rob is setting up content marketing processes that would be envied at even the largest brands around the world." - Joe Pulizzi


"Rob is a doer and easily takes ideas from concept through execution to market. Rob is a visionary, but what sets him apart is his willingness to get his hands dirty to make sure the job gets done right." - David Leskusky

"I was particularly impressed with [Rob's] presentation skills, knowledge of marketing in the digital world, effective spend of marketing SGA, and his ability to translate marketing automation into execution that drove double-digit YoY revenue growth." - Ron Zoibi CPA MBA

"Rob built a great marketing team, developed a vision, and then executed this vision across multiple initiatives. These initiatives included our company website/branding, content marketing, social engagement, trade shows, symposiums, and so many others. Rob has an incredible mix of work ethic, charisma, and integrity that contributes to his success.." - Aaron Hughes

"Rob is an effective and efficient collaborator. [He] does an incredible job setting expectations, providing detailed and quality feedback, and communicating goals for all the projects he is involved. He's reliable, openminded, and incredibly welcoming." - Merve Lapus

"Rob was an excellent manager and mentor for me. He has an approachable management style and trusts his employees to collaborate and excel at their jobs without interference. He challenges his team to stand out and reach their full potential everyday to achieve personal goals and greater success for the entire company." - Danielle Buries

"Rob leads with professionalism and always drives to higher results. He is one of the most honest, charismatic, and hardworking leaders I know." - Jacquelyn Myers